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Meet Dr. Derek McArthur

My Mother’s Success With Chiropractic Intrigued Me

Dr. Derek McArthurI was introduced to chiropractic while completing my undergraduate studies. My mother (who is a nurse) had a long history of migraine headaches. She received excellent care and relief through Chiropractic. after seeing the results she felt, I knew I wanted to be able to help people like my mother had been helped. The next two summers while finished my undergraduate studies I volunteered with two local Chiropractors and fell in love with the ability to improve someones quality of life and remove their pain through Chiropractic.

I attended undergraduate at the University Of Windsor, Ontario Canada, my degree was a four year Human Kinetics Program with an honors in Movement Science. After graduating I immediately entered the Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree at Logan University and Chiropractic College in St. Louis Missouri. This was my first and only choice as it was the school two of my mentoring doctors had recommended. An added bonus was the school was closer to home then some of the other selections. I enjoyed my studies from start to finish. I especially liked the attention to detail and dedication the instructors took while teaching the anatomy of the body. X-ray and imaging classes were of specific interest to me as I was surprised at the shear volume of hours to learn the most specific things of the skeletal system. Needless to say, I enjoyed classes, but after the four years I was anxious to graduate and start helping people.

A Happy Chiropractic Family

I am married to the wonderful and beautiful Guille McArthur, we are the proud parents of Angel the cat and Maple the pooch. All three of them put up with me on a daily basis. Guille and I met at a BBQ through mutual friends. I have two brothers, one sister. I am close to my family and enjoy spending time with them and all my other relatives.

During my free time I enjoy exercising, eating, playing hockey, golf and watching Football. I have recently, (with the assistance of a patients guidance) been trying to learn how to BBQ with a smoker. See were I come from it is too cold to BBQ for long periods of time so we generally use ( I can see all the Texans cringing) a gas grill. Yikes. I also enjoy to fish and have been in the process of becoming a hunter. Another, Texas right of passage. I like trying new things and have really enjoyed South Texas so far, if you can believe it I never eat an enchilada until I moved down here (talk about depriving you taste buds of a wonderful taste).

My Chiropractic Treatments

I generally receive adjustments from Dr. Moore every other week. I live an active life style and want to make sure I can continue to perform quality treatments for our patients, I also want to make sure I can do the activities I like outside of the office. If things are going as planned I exercise 3 to 4 times a week. However, I like everyone else will sometimes stray into the world of bad eating and no exercise. Guille and I are constantly trying to improve by making healthier habits and smarter decisions so we can live long active lives.

Thanks for visiting our site, I consider myself an excellent listener and hope I get the opportunity to meet you in person and discuss how we can help you with effective chiropractic care. Contact Calallen Chiropractic today to make an appointment.

Dr. Derek McArthur | (361) 767-3300