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Meet Dr. Justin Moore

Chiropractic Care Changed My Life

Dr. Justin MooreHi, my name is Dr. Justin Moore. I’ve been a chiropractor at Calallen Chiropractic for the last six years and in practice for nearly 10. My profession and patients are very dear to me

You see, chiropractic changed my life when I was a child. I started getting migraine headaches when I was about 12. For several years I suffered with these headaches throughout my teenage years with no relief or answers from several different doctors throughout that time. I was missing up to 30 days of school a year! Finally, when I was a senior in high school, a co-worker of my mother’s recommended that I go to a chiropractor for my headaches. Well, by that point I had given up hope, that any kind of doctor, drug or remedy could help me (since it seemed like I had tried them all already).

I mean, if my family doctor, neurologists, pain specialists weren’t able to help me over the course of 5 years, how could a chiropractor? Luckily for me, my mother hadn’t given up hope that there was something that could help and dragged me in to see Dr. Evans. During the consultation asked me if I slept on my stomach or if I had any kind of neck injuries among many other questions, which at the time didn’t seem to have anything to do with my headaches.

As it turns out, they had EVERYTHING to do with my headaches. Dr. Evans explained to me that the alignment of the spine can affect the health of the nerves and the nervous system, which in turn can affect the health of the rest of the body. My headaches were due in part to dysfunction in my neck. After five years, I finally got some relief, and more important, answers! And that is the short version of the story of why I’m a chiropractor, and why I love what I do.

My Journey Towards Being a Chiropractor

I attended and graduated from Milford high school in 1993, then earned my Bachelor of Science degree from Taylor University in 1997, and finally, earned my Doctor of Chiropractic in April of 2003.

I am originally from Ohio, where my parents Bryan and Joyce still live. My brother Jason and his wife Tawnya live in the hills of Tennessee with their six children. I like stay active and healthy by running and working out 3 to 4 times a week and occasionally getting out to the beach with the surfboard. Not unlike most Texans, I can’t get enough football.

My goal is to help patients be as healthy as possible by restoring and supporting proper biomechanics, particularly in the spine. I believe if the nervous system is not healthy, then the body cannot be healthy. If the spine is not healthy, the nervous system cannot be healthy.

There are many times I wish I had known about chiropractic much earlier than I did. I would ask if you know of anyone suffering from headaches, low back pain, neck pain or other physical problems, don’t make them wait for five years to get relief. Tell them about chiropractic and us at Calallen Chiropractic!

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