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Meet The Doctors Of Calallen Chiropractic

Corpus Christi Chiropractor | Dr. Derek McArthur

Corpus Christi Chiropractor Dr. Derek McArthur

Dr. Derek McArthur

I was introduced to chiropractic while completing my undergraduate studies. My mother, a nurse had a long history of migraine headaches. She received excellent care and relief through Chiropractic. When I seen the difference she felt, I knew then that I wanted to be able to help people like my mother had been helped. The next two summers while finished my undergraduate studies I volunteered with two local Chiropractors and fell in love with the ability to improve someones quality of life and remove their pain through Chiropractic. read more»

Corpus Christi Chiropractor | Dr. Mark Salinas

Corpus Christi Chiropractor Dr. Salinas

Dr. Mark Salinas

Dr. Mark Salinas is a native of South Texas where he was an active member of the community, an athlete and an honors graduate from Bishop High School. At a young age he knew he wanted to pursue a career as a healthcare professional. Experiencing first hand from a close family member the effects that herniated discs and sciatica can cause to an individual, Mark knew that chiropractic was the path to pursue. After high school he attended Texas A&M University Corpus Christi. read more»

Corpus Christi Chiropractor | Dr. Justin Moore

Corpus Christi Chiropractor Dr. Justin Moore

Dr. Justin Moore

You see, chiropractic changed my life when I was a child. I started getting migraine headaches when I was about 12. For several years I suffered with these headaches throughout my teenage years with no relief or answers from several different doctors throughout that time. I was missing up to 30 days of school a year! Finally, when I was a senior in high school, a co-worker of my mother’s recommended that I go to a chiropractor for my headaches. read more»

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